Originally published as "SmartSource Donates 25 Laptops to Globetops" on June 22, 2017 in Exhibitor Magazine

The Impact of 25 Laptops and a Pay It Forward Philosophy

Hauppauge, NY…

Last year, SmartSource® Computer & Audio Visual Rentals (“SmartSource,” Hauppauge, NY, www.smartsourcerentals.com), one of the nation’s leading providers of computer, audio visual (AV) and technology solutions for businesses and events, donated 25 laptops to Globetops (www.globetops.com). Globetops is a non-profit organization with a vital mission: to enable people to actualize their dreams. SmartSource® was asked to join in supporting Globetops by Mary Ann Pierce, founder and CEO of one of its business partners, MAP Digital (www.mapdigital.com, New York, NY), an organization that provides its MetaMeetings platform to manage an event’s digital ecosystem, from bandwidth, webcasting and digitized content to data analytics. It was the holiday season, a time when the spirit of giving looms large, and SmartSource®, an organization that believes in giving back, agreed. The company has since learned of the huge impact their donation is having on so many individuals in the U.S. and abroad.

Globetops helps the poorest members of the world by providing technology that empowers them to take ownership of their future, assert their rights and create projects that improve the quality of life for their communities. The organization relies on the broader community to donate their unused laptops for people in need. When SmartSource® made its donation, it could only imagine the impact those 25 laptops would be having on so many lives and for so many critical missions.

Recently, Globetops shared how SmartSource’s pay it forward philosophy was helping organizations ranging from orphanages, gang de-escalation centers, men in transition programs and an inmate rehabilitation program, to a homeless shelter, refugee program, youth development and conservation group, gender equality center, volunteer program, various educational and training initiatives, and even a single mother with a goal to help others.

Helping Here and Abroad

Here’s how the laptops are making a difference. At the Kaliro Orphanage in Uganda, the laptops are helping the administrators of a once dilapidated and since rebuilt orphanage maintain records and educate the over 400 primary school age children in the use of technology. Life Camp, closer to home in Jamaica, Queens is using its laptops to help “violence mediators” resolve and de-escalate gang conflicts. The camp is celebrating over 365 days without a gang-related, violent incident. Young men, ages 18-25, being helped to get their lives together by the House of Timothy, are using the donated laptops to look for work and complete their education. Similarly, the Prison to College Pipeline project, a John Jay College program, is using the laptops to rehabilitate inmates who are earning degrees and often, returning to their communities, working in social services, and giving back – a true example of “pay it forward” at work. Other initiatives in which the donated laptops are being used include helping students advance in their education in Puttaparthi, India and at the Barefoot College in Tiloniya, Rajasthan, India, which focuses on training and educating women on their rights in life and in the workplace.

Helping Individuals Achieve Their Goals to Help Many Others

The refugee crisis is also being aided. One of the donated laptops is being used by Sedrick Nwali, a former refugee whose purpose is to teach other refugees to understand how to use a computer in general, and also to maintain contact with their loved ones. Taryme Jefferson, a community worker, is using a donated laptop in her free time to start a shelter for homeless inmates and help them return to the workforce. A single mother, who is a writer, is chronicling her struggle using one of the donated laptops with the goal of helping others learn from her struggles and life experience.

Tiffany Alexander, the entrepreneur behind Tiffany Alexander’s Organic Baking business, is using a donated laptop in her business operations to help bring healthy baked goods to underserved areas across the U.S. Chamia Starks, a volunteer in a community support group collecting food for the hungry and raising funds for a playground construction project, is using a donated laptop to finish her college studies so she can better help this volunteer group achieve its goals. Amit Kumar of Varanasi, India heads up a Global Youth Development and Conservation Group campaigning for public justice. He is using a laptop to teach local shopkeepers and households about computers and their rights. Pratibha Singh, an administrator with the Social Action and Research Centre (SARC) in Hobart, Tasmania, is using one of the laptops to increase her efficiency so she can spend more time helping the victims of abuse.

So, as you can see, the 25 laptops SmartSource® donated in 2016 are having a major impact helping many very worthy causes, which in turn, are helping countless lives and communities today and for years to come.

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