Mary Ann Pierce presenting at SingularityU Warsaw Chapter "Masters & Robots Conference" (26-28 October):

Building Communities of Interest Through Event Content, A.I. and Social Media

Mary Ann Pierce , Founder and CEO, MAP Digital, Inc.

Mary Ann Pierce, Founder and CEO, MAP Digital, Inc.


The events industry — a $600 Billion industry in the United States alone — is nearing the tipping point for a digital transformation. One has to only look at the massive disruption that is toppling retail to realized that events will soon see audiences shrink, sponsors reassigning marketing spend, and organizers’ profits diminish. However, events have two things working in their favor: content and experience. To not only survive but to flourish, event organizers have to adjust their mindset to extend the event’s experience to the digital ecosystem by distributing content over Social Media and deploying Artificial Intelligence for personalization. In this session we will explore how content, once an ephemeral asset, can spark new relevance, communities of interest and revenue for the events industry.