As presented and seen at PCMA: Convening Leaders 2019

Are MetaMeetings the Next Big Trend?

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Feature 1

Who’s the best speaker at the conference, what kinds of sessions attract the most audience interest, and answers to other questions.

Feature 2

Your presentation content made reusable and ready to share.

Feature 3

Meetings are very deep networks bringing together affiliated people. Broaden their reach to new audiences via social media and content marketing campaigns.

Feature 4

Feature 4

Featuring Grip, creating meetings on site and seeing who people are, and how they get matched, in real time.

Feature 5

Attendee matching through artificial intelligence. Centralizing data from multiple platforms, and extracting useful information from the raw data. Personalizing and customizing to the individual.

Feature 6

"Platform thinking" -- what is it, how it helps you manage your workflow, and the strategic implications of the multi-year building up of content, data, discoveries and insights.

Feature 7

It’s about the customization and monetization of content and data in a regenerative system.

Feature 8

7 of the top 10 billionaires in the U.S. own platforms.

Feature 9

The necessity of platform thinking at a big scale; moving quickly and deftly in a competitive future to create quality services, attendee experiences, and winning returns on investment.