Forging the Digital Transformation of Events 


MetaMeetings is a FinTech event management platform that enables MAP Digital to produce investment banking conferences and other content-rich and interactive C-suite conferences around the world. MetaMeetings is much more than an app: it is a robust, secure, compliant, and scalable platform that was co-created with our clients to host digitized content, Webcasts, and interactivity; and to map the arch of their client’s event experience with granular data that is collected on the MetaMeetings platform.




MAP Digital: MetaMeetings™ manages the digital ecosystem for events from bandwidth and live webcasting to data analytics. Attendees want real-time access to digitized content and a platform in which they can shape their own event experience. MetaMeetings digitizes content and captures the attendee's interactions.  The transformative insights gained from this contextual data leads to designing more relevant events and attendee experiences.

MAP Digital: MetaMeetings™: 56 Ludlow Street, New York,  New York 10002