Case Study: Social Media Campaign for Inspirefest NY Salon


Amplifying Inspirefest’s New York Salon through MetaMeetings: Content Capture, Distribution, and Social Media Campaign with Data Analysis

MAP Digital: MetaMeetings™ produced Inspirefest’s New York Salon on April 27th, 2017, under the aegis of the Irish International Business Network (IIBN-NY), at our sponsor’s White and Williams law office in Times Square. Based in Dublin, Inspirefest is Europe's leading international festival of science, technology, and the arts, featuring fresh perspectives on leadership, diversity and innovation. Ann O’Dea, founder of Inspirefest and co-founder of the Silicon Republic, asked MAP Digital to produce the New York Salon to promote the upcoming Inspirefest conference in July to technology, arts, design and business professionals in the United States.

After the venue and speakers were chosen, a MetaMeetings platform was built to capture and display the speakers' slides, the video recordings of the speakers’ presentation sessions, and to provide interactivity for the attendees. The next step was to design an integrated social media campaign with the Inspirefest team. We had less than two months to promote Inspirefest’s New York Salon, so every tweet and LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram posting would count. We coordinated our postings to our teams' social media networks with standardized hashtags and handles, before and during New York Salon. Then we extended the Inspirefest NY Salon’s thought leadership by posting the link to the Inspirefest NY Salon MetaMeetings in social media to reach our audience.

Inspirefest MetaMeetings Web Site

After the event, our next goal was to create a social media campaign to engage audiences in a higher level of conversation. We posted pertinent and relevant quotes that we extracted from the transcripts of the speakers' presentations with links back to the MetaMeetings website. Inspirefest has successfully repurposed their previous presentations’ content via the Silicon Republic. We used a similar model and posted a LinkedIn article containing key quotations pulled from the sessions’ transcripts: “In their own words: Insights and video from Inspirefest 2017 NY Salon.” The article featured the highlight video that we created, along with speaker’s quotes and links to their session’s videos.

Social Media Analytics Powered by IBM Watson

We used IBM’s Watson Analytics for Social Media to analyze the digital content associated with the Inspirefest New York Salon. This allowed us to extract relevant data, from sources such as Twitter, that matched specific hashtags (e.g., #Inspirefest and #IIBN). The system compiled and displayed every Twitter profile linked to the event, allowing us to gauge the overall sentiment and gain a fuller understanding of how attendees and others reacted to the event.

Through Twitter Analytics we were able to monitor how many “impressions” were achieved per tweets; impressions are clicks anywhere on the tweet, including retweets, replies, follows, likes, links, cards, hashtags, embedded media, username, profile photo, or tweet expansion. As documented below, a tweet containing a link to the MetaMeetings website attracted 3,143 impressions, significantly expanding our audience outreach.

The examples below prove the importance of using the hashtags and Twitter handles we promoted in our initial campaign. That way, we could track how the content traveled to reach a broader audience.


We also posted the videos of the speakers on the IIBN’s YouTube channel. The YouTube Analytics tool showed us detailed stats about the content, including number of views, popularity of videos, and traffic sources. This provided us with a strong understanding of who was watching what content. It also displayed the geographical location of viewers. The Inspirefest content very early on received hundreds of views and has been watched in different countries.

Duration of Watching Videos on YouTube


Reaching Global Audiences via LinkedIn:
In their own words: Insights and video from Inspirefest 2017 NY Salon

We released an article on LinkedIn, a month after the event, to reconnect the audience with the speakers, their thought leadership, videos and presentation slides. Within weeks, the article was viewed 122 times and was shared by 11 different followers, again increasing our Social Media reach and engaging a wider network of audiences in Inspirefest’s STEM, Arts and Diversity and Inclusion discourse.

In Conclusion

At MAP Digital: MetaMeetings, we are interested in exploring the power of digital content to extend, amplify and re-purpose thought leadership from conferences over multiple channels to comprehensively build audiences, brands and messaging. In doing so, we join in establishing and participating in communities of knowledge and engagement. We initially built the MetaMeetings platform to gather and distribute a conference’s content: slides, white papers, webcasts along with attendee interactivity. We collect rich behavioral data with every click from onsite attendees and Web users. What we have discovered over the years is that there is a “second life” for digitized content redistributed to social media networks. This is the new landscape where the digital transformation has taken root, and it has a vast horizon. This is where we are learning to create better, more expansive experiences for audiences and, in doing so, we believe to create better futures for all.

We were delighted when Inspirefest asked us to offer our services pro-bono to help their marketing outreach in the United States. It gave us the opportunity to use every feature in our tool kit to make their event more successful and to extend their highly purposeful content to a wider audience. Also, we are committed to advancing STEM with the arts, diversity and inclusion. So, our work with Inspirefest was part of our corporate social responsibility to amplify the message and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion conferences. It gave MAP Digital the opportunity to deploy ideas on extending the experience of events via digital content to social media networks.

The most visibly concrete payoff was the increased number of people who attended the Inspirefest conference in Dublin in July. We caught sight of at least 10 friends and colleagues who made the voyage over from the United States because of our marketing efforts. There is a significantly increased number of people who now know about Inspirefest, and are seriously considering or planning a trip to Dublin to attend the next Inspirefest in July 2018.