Case Study: Data Reveals Attendees' Onsite Behavior

Our client's challenge was to know how their attendees used the Technology Conference website.  Specifically, our client wanted to know how their top tier clients/attendees engaged with online content.  We pooled all of the data on Web content usage by both the onsite and the webcast attendees.  We knew which had been onsite attendees because we had badged them for the conference and could identify the top tier clients by role.

The conference sessions used a "fireside chat" format without slide presentations.  The moderators encouraged both the live and webcast audience to use the Ask a Question feature of the Technology Conference website, helping to stimulate the discussions. We found that over 50% of the top clients had accessed the conference website, and a few even submitted questions.  We were surprised to find that over 10% of the the top tier clients had accessed the live webcasts while onsite.  One client accessed nine hours of live Webcasts.  The question was raised: Where were attendees when they accessed live webcasts?

So, we looked at bandwidth usage and the number of Internet devices that were registered in the conference's local area network; MAP Digital provides network and Internet connectivity to both the meeting areas as well as the sleeping rooms.  We noticed that there were nearly 3 times as many IP addresses as attendees, which meant that many individual attendees were each using multiple Internet devices at the conference.

With our client, we surmised that perhaps the top tier clients were in their hotel rooms listening to live webcasts while continuing to work on other computing devices.