Originally published October 1, 2017 in Meetings and Conventions

Excerpt from "Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry"

by The M&C Staff

We currently are experiencing the digital transformation of the events industry, according to Mary Ann Pierce, and she should know: For the past two decades, she's been leading the charge.


As founder and CEO of MAP Digital, Pierce worked with her financial industry clients to create MetaMeetings, a secure, compliant platform used for managing event content, webcasts, and attendee engagement and data. Capturing all of that information is a requirement in finance — one that put Pierce ahead of the curve, as the rest of the industry now embraces data capture and analytics as the next frontier.

Pierce, meanwhile, has been using IBM Watson's artificial intelligence platform to analyze her clients' captured content, opening up new opportunities to repurpose the information and even create new revenue streams.

"Data is currency," Pierce likes to point out — and the deeper the attendee engagement, the richer and more illuminating that resulting behavioral data can be. The end result: a better attendee experience and more relevant events. Pierce wants to help the industry get there.