Coupole des Galeries Lafayette, boulevard Haussmann à Paris.  Photo credit: Ellacott

Coupole des Galeries Lafayette, boulevard Haussmann à Paris.  Photo credit: Ellacott

MAP Digital: MetaMeetings™ elevates your attendees’ experience with amplified content.

MetaMeetings Catalyzes the Digital Transformation of Events

MetaMeetings transforms conferences into rich attendee experiences by digitizing content, webcasting, and enabling attendee interactivity to capture detailed behavioral data.  MetaMeetings is an integrated platform of 5 functionalities, and is crucial to the successful production of live conferences. MetaMeetings catalyzes the Digital Transformation of Events by actualizing these 3 New Rules:

1. The Attendee is at the Center
2. Integration is Innovation
3. Data is Currency

The Attendee is at the Center

Your attendee needs only one login to access MetaMeetings' digitized content.  Each Session page delivers: presentations, webcasts, other media; and interactivity. The Agenda and Speaker's Profiles also are embedded with content.

Our attendee is at the center design serves up content to your attendee as they navigate within the MetaMeetings conference website. Our intent is that your attendee is tripping over content that will trigger their usage data, and that we optimize their experience.

Also, your attendee can share Session content via email or Social Media, which extends your brand and thought leadership to fuel online communities' digital campfires. This is where growth and new sources of revenue is generated. 

Case Study: Major Healthcare Conference

Integration is Innovation

[illustration -- pentagonal diagram] 

With MetaMeetings you get 5 robust functions on one platform:

1. content management system
2. interactive conference Web site and mobile app
3. webcasting
4. digital agenda signage
5. name badging

Use one or all of them -- you can seamlessly deploy another feature on demand.  In fact, we want orgaized to orgnialy grow into our platfrom

What we excel at: MetaMeetings is crucial for seamless onsite, robust, secure, compliant deployment. 

Case Study: VIP presentation scheduling

MetaMeetings: part of the larger Digital Transformation of the Events Ecosystem

Digital Transforms Through MetaMeetings open APIs and middleware such as MetaMeetings is designed to partner with other best of service technology providers.  Now, organizers can build their events' tech stack according to their business, marketing and data needs.  Integrartion is Innovastion.  not to the limitations of their technology providers.

Data is Currency


MetaMeetings captures all content data on one dashboard and when analyzed reveals insights and opportunities.

Case Study: Major Technology Conference