Coupole des Galeries Lafayette, boulevard Haussmann à Paris. Photo credit:    Ellacott

Coupole des Galeries Lafayette, boulevard Haussmann à Paris. Photo credit: Ellacott

MAP Digital's MetaMeetings platform elevates and enriches your attendee's conference experience with amplified content and captures ephemeral behaviors as quantifiable data.  

MetaMeetings transforms conferences by integrating 5 key functions encompassing digitized presentations, webcasting, interactive conference websites, onsite registration and agenda signage.

MetaMeetings catalyzes the Digital Transformation of Events by actualizing these 3 New Rules:

1. The Attendee is at the Center
2. Integration is Innovation
3. Data is Currency

The Attendee is at the Center

Your attendees are at the center of the MetaMeetings experience by design, optimizing their experience and, as they trip over content, triggering data that can be measured for relevance and revenue.

Each attendee needs only one log-in to access all of MetaMeetings' digital content.  Each Session page serves up presentations, webcasts, other media and interactivity. The agenda and the speakers' profiles are also embedded with content.

Also, as attendees share the digitized content via social media, your brand and thought leadership are extended to a wider audience and potential attendees.  Growth and opportunity can be cultivated in online communities energized with re-purposed content from your conferences. 

Case Study: Investment Banking Conference

Integration is Innovation

With MetaMeetings you get 5 functions on one platform:

  1. content and presentations management system

  2. conference Web site

  3. webcasting

  4. digital agenda signage

  5. name badging


MAP Digital built the MetaMeetings platform to produce seamless event experiences. We encourage our clients to use the full functionality of MetaMeetings in order to simplify their production, build a library of digitized content, and have one data dashboard.  We believe that technology should be integrated in order to serve the event's business and communications objectives. And as we add additional features to MetaMeetings platform, we always consider the larger event ecosystem and look to partner with other best-of-breed technologies to enhance your attendees' experience and to provide a simple, integrated process.

MetaMeetings: an integral part of the Events Ecosystem

The digital transformation of all industries depends upon the ability to partner as needed. MetaMeetings is not only designed to anchor and amplify content, its open API can seamlessly connect with other modular and interoperable technologies creating a flourishing events ecosystem. 

Today's organizers, enterprises and technology providers can customize their tech stack to best suit their business, marketing and data needs.  With technologies facilitating enterprise integrations, they can easily and securely interconnect their systems internally as well as connect to external resources such as Web, mobile, Internet of Things and cognitive computing systems.

Data is Currency


MetaMeetings houses all content and your attendees' data usage reports on one platform. Analyzed data reveals insights and opportunity. This is why we say, "Data is currency."

With our open API, MetaMeetings can also share data to/from our clients' internal platform and third party platforms such as cognitive computing systems for further processing and analysis.

Case Study: Data Reveals Attendees' Content Engagement